Meet The Team
Maddie Brown - Training Manager


Maddie is on maternity leave from the 5th July.

I have been involved in youth and community work in a variety of guises since 1998. The valuable support I received from my Youth Worker in some extremely difficult times growing up prompted me to give back and I started volunteering at 17.

After leaving university I worked in post compulsory education, but in 2003 Charlotte brought a group of young people from The Point in to the College where I was working to use the photography facilities. After spending a week with a great group of people I started volunteering at The Point, and did so for 18 months before becoming employed with them. 

In June 2014 I started working full time with Fleet Phoenix where I fully enjoy the challenge of mentoring and supporting young people through challenges that they are facing with any issue in their lives. There is nothing better than allowing them to experience positive reinforcement, build their confidence and self-esteem and improve their progression possibilities.

I am extremely proud to be a part of a highly qualified and experienced team in Fleet Phoenix, who have a genuine empathy for the challenges that young people face. I look forward to continuing to provide valuable provisions for young people across Hart.

I can be contacted at:

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